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Reviving the Revival

July 14, 2011

It’s been a labour of love and a printer-delayed limbo land for the past month. So far the Illustrated Playing Card Empire has covered Portland, Astoria, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC.  After endless waiting for out-of-state printers to produce samples, I’ve decided to print locally at higher cost in order to serve the desires of the community and allow my own life to progress.  

100 decks are on the way: 80 Portland 2 and 20 Seattle decks will be released next Friday July 22nd within the confines of my Castle of Art, the Gallery Illustrato, base of operations for a card campaign that will one day be the envy of Napoleon.  I admit to worldly aspirations on the level of Ghenghis Khan or Alexander; but I only want to Conquer In Art.

In the last 6 months I’ve printed 900 decks at local printer City Graphics in downtown Portland.  Each deck has been packaged in a hand-decorated box,signed, numbered, and limited to 100.

I am continuing the tradition with my latest printing, that of embracing the tedious, time-consuming process of hand-made work.  This is what I hope to do: Revive the Revival.  By that statement, I refer to the Gothic/Medieval Revival of the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of the late 1800s, and most especially to that Great Hero of mine,

William Morris

who secured the advancement of Printing Beautiful and Useful Things for the Home, including Furniture, Wallpaper, Tapestries, and most lovingly, BOOKS.  It is his influence that I would claim ultimate tribute and honour of inspiration for my designs of the Illustrated Card Deck Series, which I hope will one day truly be a World Series.   To make something that is not only Useful but Beautiful, is my Goal.  I very well know and realize that in order to hit the jackpot, the end product will have to be diluted and homogenized for the Mob, those who couldn’t care less about ‘limited edition’ anything, no matter the potential future value of such an object.  In an ideal world, one that might possibly be the one we live in, there can be both kinds of Art, that which serves the needs of the Few and the Many.  I can only continue upon this path I carved, this trail in the wilderness.