Research Projects

My current project is an online tribute to my grandmother, Amelie Closey Anderson Sloan.  Through her presence and creative energy, she has been a profound influence on my life.  Her masks of diverse ethnic cultures have touched me since I was a child.

Another current project is my exploration of the Mantegna Tarot deck, one of the first card decks of Renaissance Italy, supposedly created in 1460.

Once upon a time, I met a Toadfish on the east coast.  Since encountering this strange creature, I have discovered that it has the fastest muscles on earth, hums like a cellphone at a perfect A Flat, and is sent to space by NASA to study its close relation to the human inner ear, among other things.

Both of my grandfathers were architects.  Maybe that’s why I am so interested in shapes and colors.  The Octagon has a special fascination for me; being a nomadic creature I have for some time been aware of the 8 directions and the seasons, not to mention an interest in symbols, alchemy, and magic.

Last but certainly not least, a tribute to Dr. Serge Voronoff, my illustriously famous ancestor.  Uncle Serge transplanted the glands of monkey testicles and ovaries into men and women during the 20s and 30s.  His purpose was to rejuvenation the human body, and the shocker is that it may have worked.  Or he may have caused AIDS.  His work was celebrated at the time, but fell into disfavor with the discovery of testosterone.  Through my research online and collaborations with scholars in France and Italy, I have been able to reconstruct the story of my family who left Russia to escape the anti-Jewish pogroms.

Thanks to WordPress, I have been able to pursue my obsessions, record my online travels, and document my past creative work.  Without this amazing tool and Google I would still be taking random notes in some journal.


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