Art History


December: Mash Tun Pub

 & ArchitecturalHeritageCenter

November: Victrola Coffee (Seattle)

October: Riversea Gallery (Astoria)

All shows exhibited in Portland unless noted

September: Justice Center Window Gallery

August: Gumbo Gallery and Gifts

July: One-Stop Sustainability Shop


April:UtrechtArt Supply

January: Joe’s Cellar Café


First Thursdays at Gallery 903

Last Thursdays atAlbertaStudios

Saturday and Sunday Market (vendor)


December: Ugly Mug Café, Onda Gallery

& Mash Tun Pub

November: Backspace Gallery

& Crave Dog Gallery

October: Slabtown Bar & Crave Dog Gallery

September: Cinema 21 & Caffe d’Arte

August: Central Library Friends Store

& Townshend’s Teahouse

July: Enterbeing Gallery

June: Walk on Art at Last Thursday

February: Enoteca Wine Bar (Tacoma)

January: Swiss Pub & Jazzbones (Tacoma)


April: Enterbeing Gallery & Fuel Café

March: MilePost 5

& Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center

February: Gallery 1627


November: Enterbeing Gallery



October: Enterbeing Gallery

September: Jack Of All Trades Gallery

August: MetaPoeisis Eco Art Festival

May:AlbertaArt Hop &


April: Peaceful Soul Yoga

February: Pala Lounge &

Collage Art Supply



September: The CenterRing Gallery

August: Enterbeing Gallery & Tin Shed

July: Concrete Gallery

June:PortlandCoffee House

May: Tiny’s Café, & Cricket Café

April: Tribe Theatre and Ford’s Café

March: Fuel Café

February: Concordia Café & Star E Rose

January: La Dolce Vita Café


December: Cup and Saucer & Bella Facia

October: Environmental Art Symposium atLewis & ClarkCollege

November: Halo Thai


BigShowCityat Capitol Theatre (Olympia)

& Shakabrah Café (Tacoma,WA)


Group Show (Skagway,AK)

& Bandelier Park Visitor Center (NewMexico)


7-month Sketch Tour of New Zealand,Australia,Indonesia,Thailand,Cambodia, andLaos


Art Instructor at Maya Centre

(Belize,Central America)


NW Butoh Festival Lobby Installation

The Evergreen State College inOlympia


Justic Center Gallery with Serge Trotter








Art Education

2011: Introduction to Copperplate Etching at Atelier Meridian Printmaking Studio {Portland}

1996-2000: Evergreen State College  {Olympia,WA}

B.A. in Art History


1994-1996: Arts andCommunicationsHigh School{Beaverton,OR}

1995:OregonSchoolofArts and Crafts{Photography Scholarship}

1994: Pacific NWCollegeofArt{Scholarship}

1991: Comic Illustration {Salem,OR}


Art Performance/Demonstration

2010: Walk on Art during Last Thursday

2009: February Last Thursday

2008:Alberta StreetFair, Enterbeing Gallery,

AlbertaArt Hop

2007: Urban Arts Festival (Tacoma),SeattleArt Museum&Pike PlaceMarket

2006: SOAK Art Festival, KaosMosis,VillageBuildingConvergence,AlbertaArt Hop

2005: Pala Lounge, Art Hop,FezBallroom,

& Crystal Ballroom

2004: Art on the Ave, Proctor Arts Fest



Related Job Experience

2011: 150 ft.PortlandCity Mural for Bicycle Transportation Authority at Convention Center

2011:Alberta StreetGrocery Coloring Book

2009: Installer at theMuseumofGlass(Tacoma)

2008: Park Service Illustrator/Archivist (Alaska)

2007: After School Art Instructor (Portland)



2010:PortlandArt Museum Library, Washington Historical Society, Tacoma Children’s Museum

2002:KlondikeGoldRushNational Park(Alaska)

1994: Pacific NW College of Art (self portrait)





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