A Painter of Paintings and Objects

my new website is now online at:  www.aarontrotter.com

Painting Live at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum

Painting Performance at the

Karpeles Manuscript Museum: Tacoma, WA 2003

Mime Performance at the Alberta Art Hop

Painting Performance at the SOAK Art Festival: Oregon 2005

Painting Performance at JOAT Studios: Portland, OR 2009

Miming at the Seattle Art Museum

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Making Trash Art at Pigeon Park

The Artist At Work in Cambodia

At work in Cambodia: 2000


2 Responses to “A Painter of Paintings and Objects”

  1. James Stanglewicz Says:


    I read your great uncles book loaned to me by Nye at work. Coast to Coast
    would certainly be interested and help you to find more info. I would like to talk to you about it, or at least go to the above web site and perhaps listen to the past show on Mad Scientists,
    Nye’s friend,
    Jim Stanglewicz

  2. SUNI Says:

    ok, you f’n ROCK!!!

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