My Napoleon Hat

As an entrepreneur in business for myself, I have increasingly realized the importance of wearing a Napoleon Hat in order to properly and efficiently conduct marketing warfare in a strategic fashion.  The particular battlefield I am most interested in conquering is Retail on the Local Level.  But that is just one Front.  What other obstacles must be vanquished in order for a fledgling Art Empire to succeed? What does it take to get people’s attention?  It can’t just be a good idea.  It has to be a full-force attack: the package must be bold, the delivery must be head-on.  The whole guerrilla attack strategy must be implemented, a hit and run technique.  A brochure to promote and sample, to present to the staff/buyer/manager/owner of a featured business.  And on that note, each of the businesses featured in my deck of cards (that’s 104 Portland Places, y’all) is going to be invited to represent themselves at my November 12th Double Deck Card Deck Birthday party.  That date will mark the 1 year anniversary of my Idea.


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